Rules Of Lodge

Terms and conditions

Bushfellows strives to offer our valued guests an exclusive and private experience in this natural bush environment. We would therefore appreciate it if you take note of the following conditions: ⦁         The speed limit on the Game Reserve is 30km/h and must be adhered to at all times ⦁         Noise levels are to be limited to the minimum at all times ⦁         Please refrain from feeding any of the animals on the Game Reserve ⦁         Due to the possible risk involved in the use of the activities such as game drives, all activities are completely out of bounds without the necessary supervision, and the signing of an indemnity form. ⦁         No parking inside the main lodge area. There is an off load there. Once off loaded, the vehicle must leave the lodge area and park in the designated parking area. The following rules must be adhered to for the safety of our guests, animals and the reserve: ⦁         No one is allowed to bring alcohol into the property ⦁         No one is allowed to do any activity under the influence of alcohol ⦁         Please note that should the instructor find that any of the mentioned activities are used recklessly or with danger to any other guest/animal or the reserve, the instructor reserves the rights to stop such activity immediately and you will be responsible for full payment as well as full payment of any damage that might have occurred. ⦁         All activities participated in and at Bushfellows must be guided at all times ⦁         Feel free to enjoy the nature on the premises around and in the camp where you are booked in. No person(s) will be allowed outside of the camp boundaries without permission or guidance, for the safety of both the guests and our wild
⦁         The swimming pools on the Reserve are for your convenience and are used at your own risk. ⦁         No personal drinks/liquor is allowed in the lodge, Security will not allow cooler boxes. Anyone seen with personal liquor unfortunately will have it confiscated. PLEASE INFORM YOUR GUESTS ⦁         Due to the fact that you are in a Private Game Reserve you are not permitted to go on any of the game drives without a guide or in your own private vehicle. The Reserve is home to Dangerous Wildlife and they must be respected at all times. ⦁         Whilst every care has been taken to ensure you and your guests’ comfort and enjoyment during your visit, it is recommended that you bring along the following items for your visit: ⦁         Sunscreen and sun hats ⦁         Comfortable walking shoes ⦁         Binoculars and camera ⦁         Mosquito repellent
There are demarcated smoking areas. All buildings are NON Smoking area. Please adhere to our Smoking policy. We do NOT ALLOW cigarette butts to be thrown: ⦁         On our Lawn ⦁         In any of our flower pots ⦁         In any of our garden bed ⦁         On any gravel and walkway beds ⦁         Around the venue area ⦁         Around accommodation areas ⦁         Hippo deck area
⦁         A signed copy of the terms and conditions will form the basis of the contract between Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge and the client / agent. ⦁         These documents are to be returned to Bushfellows /Lookout Private Game Lodge upon acceptance of the quote.
⦁         Upon acceptance of a quote, the client is required to pay minimum of NON refundable R10000 securing deposit if he / she wish to secure the date / booking for the wedding. ⦁         If the deposit is paid prior to the returning of the signed terms and conditions, it will be assumed that the client is in agreement with all rules and regulations within the terms and conditions. ⦁         Thirty (30) days after paying the deposit, full amount of the wedding venue hire is required. ⦁         The balance of your proforma invoice is payable ninety (90) days before the wedding. ⦁         Final numbers need to be communicated in writing to the relevant co-ordinator no later than ninety (90) days prior to the event.  This will be the number charged for unless the attendance figures are greater. ⦁         If a booking is made within thirty (30) days before the wedding date, full payment as well as all documentation will be required immediately. ⦁         Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge reserves have the right to cancel any bookings without notice and / or liability to the client, should the pre-requisites not be met by the specified dates. ⦁         Menu prices are subject to change without prior notice, depending on availability of stock or sudden price increases. ⦁         All function sheets and floor plans are to be signed off no later than two (2) weeks prior to the wedding and sent back to the relevant co-ordinator. ⦁         The final wedding invoice for extras must be settled on check out by the bridal couple.
⦁         In the event of a cancellation, Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge reserves the right to retain any amounts paid prior to the wedding. ⦁         No refund will be given if the wedding is cancelled less than ninety (90) days prior the wedding. ⦁         Bushfellows Private Game Lodge reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part in the event of any damage to, or destruction of the event by fire, shortage of labour, strikes, industrial unrest, or any cause beyond the control of Bushfellows Private Game Lodge, which shall prevent its obligations. In these circumstances every event will be made to find an alternative venue. ⦁         For changes to be valid the client / agent must confirm all changes and cancellations in writing signed and dated by your co-ordinator.
⦁         Setup and breakdown times are during office hours 08h00 – 17h00. Should you wish to have alternative times, please pre-arrange this with your Co-ordinator at an additional cost. ⦁         An amount will be added on the damage deposit if Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge is required to reset a wedding partly or completely by moving tables around or changing of the floor plan by the client for any reason. ⦁         Room list and layouts must be finalised and given to Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event. ⦁         The bridal couple are responsible to insure that the minimum accommodation numbers are met or there will be an additional cost. ⦁         If a client / agent chooses to partly or completely outsource the service equipment i.e. linen, crockery, cutlery, tableware etc. the company supplying the goods will be responsible for its own set up and cleaning and liable for their goods with no change to venue fee ⦁         All outsourced contractor work must be completed minimum 4 hours before the ceremony starts. ⦁         Bushfellows/Lookout Private Game Lodge is not liable for any loss, damage, malfunctioning or non delivery to outsourced items. ⦁         Bushfellows is not responsible to lend tools, ladders etc to any contractors. ⦁         Our staffs are not available to fetch and carry anything for contractors.
⦁         Clients / agents are to brief the coordinators regarding their requirements for the provision of a full bar, wine, malt, soft drink or cash bar two weeks prior to the event. ⦁         A request can be made for certain items to be excluded from your account. ⦁         Should a limit be set by the client / agent, a set amount of alcohol and soft drinks will be available. ⦁         The onus is on the client / agent to sign the final bar bill, otherwise we assume that you agree with the amount that Bushfellows Private Game Lodge has charged.
⦁         Should a specialised meal be required the price of the chosen menu will be adjusted accordingly. ⦁         No food or beverage may be brought onto the premises for consumption without written consent from the Bushfellows Private Game Lodge General Manager/otherwise a surcharge/ corkage will be levied.
⦁         No paper confetti or streamers are allowed. You are welcome to use dry rose petals. If other confetti types are used regardless of the agreement, the client will be charged per hour for casual cleaning staff at a minimum charge of R1000.00 ⦁         Bushfellows Private Game Lodge shall not be held liable for interruption of services i.e. water, electricity, sanitary services. ⦁         Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, Bushfellows Private Game Lodge will not be liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever, i.e. décor, props, wedding gifts, valuables etc. ⦁         We recommend all personal and valuable property be removed directly after your function. ⦁         Décor must be removed immediately after the event, unless alternative arrangements are made with the co-ordinator. ⦁         Should the Bushfellows Private Game Lodge buildings, gardens, or décor be damaged by the client / agent or the client’s / agents suppliers during the operations of the wedding, the client shall be held responsible and billed accordingly. ⦁         Bushfellows Private Game Lodge, its employees or any person employed at any function will not be held liable for any loss or injury to person, due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever. ⦁         No fireworks will be allowed. ⦁         Any damage to Bushfellows Private Game Lodge linen will be charged accordingly, i.e wax, red wine and ink, burnt. ⦁         No nails, prestik or other permanent markings is allowed on the walls or ceiling. The client will be charged for the repairs i.e. painting, if the client uses these products.
Accommodation and menu maximum of ten ⦁         Children 00 – 03 years of age are free ⦁         Children 04 – 12 years of age are half price ⦁         This rate only applies to a maximum of ten children. ⦁         Children are to be supervised at all times, and Bushfellows Private Game Lodge is not liable for any damage, injury or loss of life.
The event owner / organiser are required to comply with all safety and security legislation, which is enforced at Bushfellows Private Game Lodge.  The event owner / organiser are legally required to ensure the safe working practice of all their contractors.  They are also required to: ⦁         Provide an electrical certificate of compliance issued by an authorised electrician for every temporary electrical installation. ⦁         Provide a certificate confirming all draping is fire proof or treated to provide similar fire retardancy. ⦁         Provide structural or other certificates confirming safe design and usage for ramps, stages, lighting, audio visual rigging etc. ⦁         Ensure no emergency exits, equipment or signage is covered, obstructed or interfered with in any way. ⦁         Provide additional safety signage as and when required
Please be advised vehicles have limited entrance to the venues. Bushfellows Private Game Lodge staff will not be supplied to aid in setup, breakdown or unloading of any equipment or stock belonging to outside contractors, neither will tools, ladders etc be supplied.