Wildlife & Activities

Wildlife and Activities

Bushfellows is home to array of wildlife that roam freely over the 1000 hectare game reserve. On our game drives with our experienced guides you will have the chance to see our Cape buffalo, our two beautiful lions, or our striking oryx.

Find out more about the range of game and birdlife we have, our wildlife rehabilitation centre and the range of activities that will entertain you during your stay:


All serious birders know that the best time to spot birds is at sunrise or in the late afternoon, when they are most active.

From African darter to zitting, at last count 173 different species had been identified at Bushfellows. These include varieties of sunbird, hornbill, francolin, bulbul, prinia, kingfisher, warbler, cuckoo, woodpecker, bee-eater, cisticola, quelea, shrike, owl, weaver, babbler, oxpecker, wydah, eagle, goose, bru bru, thrush, apalis, hoopoe and more. Bring your bird book and binoculars, and bide your time for that special sighting.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

At Bushfellows we pride ourselves on taking care of wildlife reared on our property. We believe in protecting our wonderful biodiversity and make a concerted effort to protect species such as the caracal, African wildcat, brown hyena, serval and African civet, that might otherwise be at risk due to a clash with agricultural and stock-farming activities.

We’re also the proud owners of four of the 450 wild dogs left in Southern Africa and other non-typical bushveld species such as Africa’s largest antelope, the Cape eland, and species endemic to more arid regions, the red hartebees and oryx.

Then there are the largest additions to the Bushfellows family, our two hippos that can be seen on the deck overlooking their dam. Their calls can be heard from the lodge at night. Our two magnificent lions, Titan and Sahara, are a must see on the reserve and live in a camp close to the main lodge.

With morning and afternoon game drives a big drawcard at Bushfellows, you’re unlikely to be at a loss for something to do. Just in case, we’ve lined up some interesting and different activities to pique your interest: game drives, game walks, archery, clay pigeon shooting, cocktail hunt, ostrich farm visit, air flips, freshwater angling, boat trips and putt-putt.

Game Drives

Twice a day, morning and afternoon, our game vehicles head out to enjoy the abundant game, including rare and endangered species, like our bullfrogs, to be seen in the lodge surrounds. Among the more common species, we’re proud to be home to the scarce nyala, white blesbuck, steenbok and sharp-horned oryx (gemsbok).

During the morning game drive you get to enjoy fresh made coffee and snacks and the afternoon game drive features a sundowner with snacks..

In addition we have 16 species of plains game including giraffe, warthog, kudu and eland. Bring your camera to capture special Bushfellows memories.

Game Walks

For the lovers of the smaller aspects of the bush such as tracks, uses of plants and birding, we offer two kinds of walk. A 1,5 hour walk and a 3 hour walk. The maximum amount is 6 people per walk, and the minimum age is 16. If the walk is something for you we advise you to bring sunscreen, hiking boots and a neutral colored clothing.


By special request Bushfellows hosts a national archery club called Under African Skies. Enthusiasts practice the ancient sport of archery through various forms of target shooting. We have international standard 2-D and 3-D courses, plus static and mobile targets.

Guests with a yen for the real thing can practice their skills at the game ranch. Genesis bows are available at the lodge for team building or simply to learn about archery.

Clay pigeon shooting

By special request we offer clay pigeon shooting on our own shooting range. This is a simple sport that involves lift, aim and fire. With two clay throwing machines, we can throw two clay pigeons in close succession, making this activity a real challenge for those who love shooting.

Please note that this activity should be booked prior to your arrival


A classic activity, especially for our younger guests. We have incorporated our 9-hole putt-putt course in the African bush, with the ups and downs, obstacles and tricky parts one might expect from a putt-putt course. The putt-putt course is located at our Majoba Lodge

Cocktail Hunt

This is fun team-building activity in which everyone is given a variety of light exercises to do within the guidelines of a competition.

During the hunt, several teams will be scouting around the lodge to complete the different tasks given to them, these tasks are designed to bond, have fun, loosen up, solve riddles and even learn a thing or two about the bush.

The final part of the game is designing a very own cocktail which will be judged on both appearance and taste.

Activities in the area

The Sunshine Valley offers a number of exciting and different activities. Air flips can be arranged from the nearby airfield, while Loskopdam, 60km from Bushfellows, is a great fishing destination for black bass, bream, carp and catfish. A boat trip on the dam, South Africa’s fifth-largest, is a popular adventure.

Closer to Bushfellows there’s Cilabi Ostrich Ranch where you can see hundreds of ostriches, take an ostrich ride, buy tender ostrich steaks and purchase various ostrich-related products.

Our staff members are happy to assist with more information about these outside activities.